the happiness

Posted: September 10, 2012 in Kisah cinta


i think LOVe is the big reason why we can be someone like us today.

The wrong person give you a lesson that LOVE can be so bitter sweet, but LOVE is never wrong, loving the wrong person is.

I think GOD will always make us falling in love with the wrong one so we can be a complete person who FINALLY could decides and takes the decision wisely that our happiness is not in the hands of others.

It’s in our responsibility to make ourself happy and consistent do that daily when suddenly the others make us feel sad. Just be a happy person and choose that decision daily.

Thanks LOVE, i have the immortal lesson for you today.

EVERY DAY is Beautiful day.

Just like a Disney Love STory, there always a princess for it’s prince and I just like Disney because the whole story tell us that a true love is exist. Love at the first sight is exist. Just Love Disney and hope i can be one of them. Be a writer of his love story. Amin

GOD time is a PERFECT time, never too late, never too early.

You must try harder to be happy alone first.

Two happy person is a nice story than a story of a person who wish the others could make her/him happy.

kunci untuk berbahagia berdua adalah menemukan siapa dirimu sendiri dulu

untuk saat ini, kebahagiaan adalah seperti lagu ini, lagu tentang seorang pria yang telah menemukan wanitanya, anugrahnya sehingga pria ini mampu berlutut memohon si wanita untuk mau membuat cerita indahnya


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