the real man

Posted: Oktober 11, 2012 in Kisah cinta

“Banyak kategori seorang pria yang layak dijadikan seorang kekasih, salah satunya adalah hatinya yang setia”

I dedicated this story to myself and to all women who had a broken heart because she let a boy played with her heart like a toy instead a real man who take care of her heart like a precious gift from heaven. We also give a lot of thank to that boy, he makes us realised to be a hard to get lady since them, protect our broken heart to only to the one who deserve it.

A real man who loves you will loves you more than your love to him. So, just pray and see, your heart who know the truth while LOgic make you keep concious his true character.

“A real man can’t stand seeing his woman hurt. He is careful with his decisions and actions so he never have to be responsible for her pain.” -damnitstrue-


Especially when yours isn’t truly in it. Don’t be in a relationship when deep down you know you’re not ready. When you do it just because in the moment if feels right, or when you do it just because you know it’ll make that other person happy. You’re only HURTING THEM more by wasting their time now and ultimately hurting them later when you get BORED or tired of the relationship and break it off. Maybe it wasn’t just a fling to them, maybe it really meant something, but because of you they’re hurting and putting up every defense they have to make sure it never happens again. Don’t RUIN it for the person who actually wants to take care of their heart, just because you decided to play with it for a little while.–

Tuhan menciptakan wanita begitu sempurna, sebuah cara untuk menarik pria kembali kepadanya karena pria yang jatuh cinta rela melakukan apa saja. Buatlah pria yang kau cintai mengejarmu hingga dia menemukan Tuhannya.

~A woman heart must so be so close to God that man must chase Him to find her.


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